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The preliminary program will be posted on the website ( of the conference in May 15. Though we do not encourage this, we are considering requests for personal schedule constraints. If you require special technology for your presentation, please email before May 24 and we will do our best to help you. The final presentation schedule will be posted online after May 28, 2019.



Every presentation room will be equipped with a screen (data) projector and a notebook computer with the Microsoft PowerPoint.

  1. Prepare your presentation file on an USB flash drive or other portable memory device.

  2. All speakers should upload your files into the computer and test the projector before the session begins.

  3. In each presentation room, one service staff will help you for your preparation.



For oral presentations

Check in and pick up your name badge and other materials in the registration area. Find your session and presentation room. The following guidelines will help you to ensure a successful presentation.


  1. Be sure to come at least 20 minutes early to your session.

  2. Prepare your slides as a PowerPoint file or a PDF and bring them with you to the session.

  3. Bring your slides files on an USB flash drive or other portable memory device.

  4. Upload your files to the computer and test the projector.

  5. Introduce yourself to the session chair and co-chair.

  6. Each presentation is limited in 15~20 minutes including 5 minutes Q&A.


For poster presentations

You may wish to consider a poster presentation as opposed to the traditional oral presentation because posters allow you more time to present to a much larger audience base.

  1. Posters should be A2 sized, as attachment.

  2. Authors are responsible for mounting their posters the morning of their presentation and removing them as soon as the session ends.

  3. The format of poster, please see the template.


For session chair and co-chair

The roles of session chair and co-chair are to ensure the smooth execution of the session. They should

  1. Contact the speakers before the session and prevent any technical problem.

  2. Keep presentations in the order shown in the program.

  3. Introduce the speakers and the title of each presentation.

  4. Ensure the presentations not overstep their time frame.

  5. Ask for questions, manage discussion and thank the speakers.

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