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Organizing Committee

Professor Fen-May Liou, Ph.D.
Professor Chieh-Peng L
in, Ph.D.

Professor Kou-Wei Chou, Ph.D.
Professor Kuo-Chien Chang, Ph.D.
Professor Hung-Lin Lai, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Hung-Chung Chang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Chia-Wen Chang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Kuei-Hsien Chen, Ph.D.

Honorary Chairman

Dr. Chi-Kuo Mao
Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Professor, Institute of Business Management, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Former Premier, Executive Yuen, Taiwan, ROC

Planning and Coordination
Associate Professor Lai-Yu Cheng, Email:
Administrative Secretary Team 
Assistant Professor Jian-Hong Shen, Email: 
Marketing and Promotion Team 
Assistant Professor Ngoc-Phung Sai, Email:
Paper Committee
Professor Ming-Chung Chang, Email:
Professor Jian-You Chen, Email:

Event Team
Assistant Professor Chun-Erh Wang, Email:
Assistant Professor Ying-luen Sim, Email:

Associate Professor Hui-Cheng Yu, Email:
English Support
Instructor Joe Seydewitz, Email:
Assistant Professor Ying-luen Sim, Email:

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