Chihlee University of Technology


Department of Applied Economics, Fo Guang University

Corporate Management Review (TSSCI indexed)

Organizing Committee

Professor Fen-May Liou, Ph.D.
Professor Chieh-Peng Lin, Ph.D.

Professor Mu-Chen Chen, Ph.D.
Professor Kuo-Chien Chang, Ph.D.

Professor Kou-Wei Chou, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Hung-Chung Chang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Chia-Wen Chang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Chien-Yu Chen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Fu-Chiang Chen, Ph.D.

Conference Secretariat
Professor Ming-Chung Chang, Ph.D
Professor Jin-Feng Uen, Ph.D.
Professor Jin-Li Hu, Ph.D.
Professor Cherng G. Ding, Ph.D.
Professor Hwei-An Tsai, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Jin-Su Kang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor  Chiang-Ping Chen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Yu-Chuan Chen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Lai-Yu Cheng, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Chun-Erh Wang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Chun-Yi Kuo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Kuei-Hsien Chen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Ro-Land Gau, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Shun-Chieh Chang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Yiing-Luen Sim, PhD