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College of Business Management

Chihlee University of Technology


Department of Applied Economics, Technical and Vocational Education SIG, Research Discipline of Applied Science Education, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences,  Fo Guang University, Corporate Management Review (TSSCI indexed)

Organizing Committee

Professor Fen-May Liou, Ph.D.
Professor Chieh-Peng L
in, Ph.D.

Professor Mu-Chen Chen, Ph.D.
Professor Kou-Wei Chou, Ph.D.
Professor Kuo-Chien Chang, Ph.D.
Professor Hung-Lin Lai, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Hung-Chung Chang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Chia-Wen Chang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Kuei-Hsien Chen, Ph.D.


Planning and Coordination
Assistant Professor Lai Yu Cheng ,
Administrative Secretary Team 
Assistant Professor
Jian Hong Shen, 
Associate Professor
Yu Hui Chien,
Marketing and Promotion Team 
Assistant Professor Ngoc Phung Sai ,
Paper Committee
Professor Ming Chung Chang,
Associate Professor Hui Cheng Yu,

Event Team
Assistant Professor Chun Erh Wang,
Assistant Professor Ying luen Sim,

English Support
Instructor Joe Seydewitz,
Assistant Professor Ying luen Sim,

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